Custody battles, without question, are the nastiest, most emotional part of any divorce proceeding, and that’s because unlike in divorces without children, this is a family that is being torn apart. These are assets that are beyond value; time with family is unquantifiable. With that being said, it is possible to make this process less painful and ease the tension on everyone. There does not always have to be a “battle”, and families do not always have to be torn apart. 

The reason that battles often ensue are often a result of the parents having a rocky relationship, and their inability to cohabitate requires there to be a lengthy battle over how custody will be arranged. In order to avoid a long, expensive custody dispute, be willing to work with the other parent to form a fair, agreeable custody arrangement that both parents and option, and that is another great way to avoid a custody dispute in court. 

Another option is to retain an attorney and seek an Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR. Informal resolutions are still resolutions that can avoid disputes in court that require lots of expensive litigation. A family law attorney is best suited in this situation, as they can best oversee the negotiations and aim for an equally favorable result for both parties. 

Collaborative family law is another way to settle custody disputes outside of a confrontational environment, in fact, there is no confrontation at all. Instead of you and the other parent, with your respective attorneys, squaring off in a courtroom, a group of lawyers meet in a room and work to resolve all issues in a divorce, including custody. 

Contact a family law attorney to discuss which course of action to resolve child custody best fits your unique situation, as their advice may end up saving you more in the long run.