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  • Post-Nuptial Agreements

    Post-nuptial agreements may be appropriate when circumstances change during marriage and to avert disputes between the spouses. These agreements may be considered when relationship changes due to:

    • Career changes
    • Inheritance
    • Childbirth or Adoption
    • Other Factors

    As in Pre-Nuptial agreements, Post-nuptial agreements need to spell out what will take place if the marriage ends. In the absence of such agreement, state law, as interpreted by a judge, after a lengthy and expensive trial., the disposition of assets will be determined under state law, as interpreted by a judge.

    In order to make sure this agreement is valid and enforceable complete disclosure of assets and liabilities of each spouse need to be in place. It is imperative to have an experienced matrimonial attorney to guide the parties and ensure that the agreement works for both parties. Something of the value must be exchange to sustain the agreement validity. Drafting of such agreement always requires both parties to be represented by legal council.

    In order to avoid future or present disputes about assets and liabilities of each spouse, it is a good idea to put in place a Post-Nuptial agreement.

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