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    Paul E Rudder, Esq. is an experienced divorce and family lawyer based in Manhattan with over 30 years of experience. Receiving personal attention and working directly with our Principal attorney, you will receive the level of attention and care your case needs. Call (212) 826-9900 to discuss your case.

    Legal Consultation

    During the initial consultation, Mr. Rudder encourages his new clients to discuss their specific situation in detail. It is important to understand the history of the marriage as it relates to the issues of present concern. Mr. Rudder believes his clients need to recognize and understand the respective rights, duties and responsibilities of each family member. It is also essential that his clients understand the judicial process as it relates to the dissolution of a marriage and he instructs his clients what they may expect from the family court system and what can and cannot be accomplished whether the issues relate to economic or child-parent matters. During the consultation the anticipated fees and expenses are also discussed.

    To schedule an initial consultation, please call (212) 826-9900 or fill out our contact form here.

    Separation/Settlement Agreements

    Separation/Settlement Agreements may be drafted in due course which set forth the terms and conditions of property and asset distribution. These Agreements also outline parenting protocols for decision making, support and parental access. Learn more about separation and settlement agreements here.

    High Net-Worth Divorces

    Paul Rudder has knowledge and skills to provide legal services to clients with high net worth divorce cases. These cases often require expertise in valuation and accounting. Also many challenging issues may arise tracking and tracing claims to property now claimed to be separate property and not subject to division at the time of divorce. Learn more…

    Pre-Nuptial Agreements

    Many couples choose to have Pre-Nuptial agreement to control the ownership and claims to assets owned prior to the marriage and to separate such assets from those secured during the marriage. Learn more…

    Post-Divorce Disputes

    Unfair, unwise or unhappy divorces often leave parties vulnerable or vengeful. Issues then arise after divorce is completed. There may be changes in careers, earnings abilities, health or other changes that make it necessary to reevaluate and adjust the terms of terms of the settlement agreement or divorce decree. It may become necessary to address a need for an increase or decrease in support payments, or for enforcement of the obligation for payment of child and spousal support. Mr. Rudder has handled many post-divorce cases. Learn more…

    Same-Sex Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Divorce

    Paul E. Rudder, Esq. has represented gay and lesbian couples and clients for many years even preceding The Marriage Equality Act in 2011. His sensitivity and commitment to fair and just results is well known in the legal community. Learn more about same-sex divorce here.

    Child Custody Disputes

    Some of the most emotionally painful issues in divorce arise in the cross contentions seeking custody of a child (children). Mr. Rudder, has a very special and unique expertise in these sensitive and emotionally complex matters. His peers and the Judges before whom he appears have recognized his ability to interface with and act on behalf of the children of divorce by appointing him to act as the Attorney (Guardian) for the Child in many high conflict divorce proceedings. It his goal is to try to diffuse the conflict and assist parties in achieving a resolution in the best interest of the child, and he ahs had great success in these efforts. Learn more…

    Contact An Experienced Manhattan Divorce Lawyer Today

    If you are contemplating a separation or divorce in Manhattan, or if you are experiencing family or child custody issues, contact an experienced divorce attorney who has 30 years of experience.

    Mr. Rudder’s law firm is located in midtown Manhattan and concentrates in family and divorce law for clients throughout New York City, including Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.

    Call (212) 826-9900 to arrange a consultation or email at paul@paulrudderlaw.com.

    Initial Consultation – $400

    Court TV

    Guest and Expert Commentator on Court TV (1990 to 2000)

    9.8Paul Eric Rudder

    What our customers are saying…

    St John's UniversityPaul Rudder ESQ was one of the main presenters and a panelist at St John’s University Law School all day course titled “THE COURT IS IN SESSION: PSYCHOLOGISTS ON THE STAND – A CASE OF A CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATION” on September 30 2012.

    The program presented the issues and concerns in the stages through time in child custody, general issues related to all aspects of the child custody dispute and adjudication, common errors made by professionals, legal challenges likely to be faced, ethical and licensing issues likely to emerge, etc.

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