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    A Guardianship Attorney is typically appointed by the Court during custody and visitation disputes to serve as an advocate for the child or children, to ensure their best interests are represented during divorce proceedings. The selected professional is typically a lawyer who has extensive experience with child custody matters and success in negotiating resolutions between contentious parties.

    Often, the Guardian will speak with the child, the parents, teachers, guidance counselors and other school personnel, the child’s therapist (if they have one), and the forensic examiner that has been appointed to the case. This is done in order to obtain relevant information pertaining to the case, so the Guardian can make an educated recommendation to the Court on the child’s behalf.

    New York Court Appointed Guardian For The Child

    While serving the best interest of the child has resulted in Paul Rudder’s unique understanding of the various dynamics between parents in conflict as it affects the welfare of children, he has been selected, upon the request of his peers, and upon appointment by judges, to represent children in high conflict custodial cases as the Court Appointed Child attorney. Paul Rudderss expertise and reputation are advantageous to his divorce clients involved in custody disputes, and one of many reasons clients select him as their attorney.

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    Paul Rudder, Esq. is a divorce and family attorney in New York City who has extensive experience dealing with child custody and fights for the best interest of the child.

    To get legal assistance with Guardianship in NYC, please call Paul Rudder, Esq. at (212) 826-9900 to schedule a consultation. Mr. Rudder serves clients throughout New York City with an office conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan.

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