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  • What Can Be Done During the COVID 19 in New York City?

    The COVID-19 lockdown for some Manhattan and NYC couples brings pleasant and unexpected surprises. Many couples discover that they are actually better partners and parents and have more love and respect for each other than they thought. Yet, for many others, this time makes it painfully clear that the marriage is over. The reality is that everyone has to live by the rules of survival and make things work at this time as living separately may not be an option.

    Although the New York State courts are not accepting any non-emergency cases, such as immediate danger to any member of the family, the hope is that the courts will begin accepting non-emergency cases, virtually, in mid June.

    If you are thinking about filing for divorce, this is a good opportunity to interview and find your attorney and set up a consultation to get the facts and to start mapping out your case with your attorney.

    So, what exactly can be done now?

    • You can work on getting a Limited/Temporary Separation Agreement. This means working out terms of living separately until you can file a full divorce settlement agreement.
    • You can attempt divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is an excellent option when parties find it difficult to agree but do not want to spend money on two attorneys. In an ideal case you can come up with an agreement which can go forward when courts reopen.
    • You can work on and execute Pre-Nuptial and Post –Nuptial agreements.

    These agreements do not involve courts as they are negotiated by the client and his/her attorney.

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    You may have found this page by looking for non-emergency divorce and family law cases that you can work on with your COVID-19 Coronavirus NYC divorce attorney right now while Courts are temporarily shut down and you are quarantined or staying at home with your partner. You can still get help today if you are seeking a divorce in Manhattan during the pandemic because you can find your attorney, work with him via video/phone conferencing and prepare your next steps all by working virtually with our attorney. Coronavirus has put a strain on marriages in NYC. Don’t let problems build up. Take the next step if you need help.

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