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    Mr. Rudder has handled and won cases of import and wide applicability. Amongst them are the following cases.

    Child Custody Cases:

    10 year old child was removed from a Russian immigrant mother’s custody by a sponsoring agency based on religious affiliations. Mr. Rudder represented the child’s mother. He won the case after a lengthy and contentious litigation involving governmental agencies and charitable organizations. The child was returned to his mother.

    In another highly publicized and controversial case, in which the father was wrongly accused of sexual impropriety, Mr. Rudder represented the father and established that the mother suffered from Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. The allegations presented by her were knowingly false and so damaging to the father and children as to require the transfer of custody to him. Mother was sentenced to a period of incarceration.

    Post Divorce Financial Support Case:

    In this case Mr. Rudder represented an ex-husband 17 years post divorce. His former spouse was suing him for an increase in support and expense payments. Mr. Rudder won the case by proving and convincing the court that a spouse may not be entitled to an increase in support and expense payments from an ex-husband by incurring additional expenses and alleging an inability to pay same and thereby be unable to support herself in a manner she determines necessary.

    Court Appointed Attorney For The Child Case:

    Mr Rudder completed a case about 4 years ago in which as a court appointed attorney for the child in a highly contentious divorce he interceded to protect the child from an angry and psychologically abusive father. He successfully terminated the father’s access to the child except when supervised by a court appointed social worker.

    Family Law Case:

    In this case a few years ago when Mr. Rudder, representing a father in a family court matter, successfully blocked the child’s mother from moving out of the New York City area with a child from former marriage as taking the child from the father would forever obstruct and interfere with father’s consistently exercised visits with a child.

    Family Law Case:

    In a case representing a child, whose father was not consistently visiting a child, Mr Rudder got permission from court to authorize the child’s mother to relocate with the child in the face of the father’s inconsistent conduct and involvement in the child’s life. This allowed the mother to pursue a new career.

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    Court TV

    Guest and Expert Commentator on Court TV (1990 to 2000)

    Initial Consultation – $400

    St John's UniversityPaul Rudder ESQ was one of the main presenters and a panelist at St John’s University Law School all day course titled “THE COURT IS IN SESSION: PSYCHOLOGISTS ON THE STAND – A CASE OF A CHILD CUSTODY EVALUATION” on September 30 2012.

    The program presented the issues and concerns in the stages through time in child custody, general issues related to all aspects of the child custody dispute and adjudication, common errors made by professionals, legal challenges likely to be faced, ethical and licensing issues likely to emerge, etc.

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