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    “Paul is an excellent attorney and a warm, caring human being. He handled my case skilfully and obtained a favorable, balanced resolution, while also managing to make the whole painful process bearable. I wholeheartedly recommend Paul – I cannot think there is a better divorce attorney in New York City, or maybe anywhere.” – John G.

    “Paul was extremely competent and used his extensive experience to help me think through difficult issues both from a financial and a psychological perspective with a focus on making sure that would be happy with the outcome in the long-run. I will definitely recommend Paul to friends.” – Tom

    “I am taking this opportunity to thank Paul Rudder, my attorney, for handling my very complicated divorce. He managed to work out an agreement that was fair and equitable without the rancor and bitterness that so often accompanies these trying situations. He displayed hard work, integrity, knowledge, and empathy. And finally, it was his accessibility and perseverance that led to such a great outcome.” – Bruce K.

    “What a great meeting, you helped my patient so much, giving her hope and guidance. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity. I was so delighted by your humanitarian impulse. The session gave me insight into not only the legal aspects of the case which should allow me to be more effective with my patient but also into the way you work with clients. I am so pleased that I now have someone to refer my clients to when they need a smart and compassionate lawyer.” – C. L. PhD, LMFT

    “Paul Rudder is an amazing person and a great lawyer. He has a heart but also great legal skills. He took me through a brutal experience with very good results. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a divorce attorney.” – Debra W.

    “I am truly touched by all of your kind words and support during this phase of my life. I can say with confidence that you are a good person and I was fortunate to have you as one of my pillars throughout the proceedings.” – Akankasha

    “I came to see Mr. Rudder at the suggestion of my accountant. I got served with divorce papers and did not know who to turn to. From the moment I stepped into his office, I felt like someone had my back and I was going to be OK. He is not just a lawyer, he is a counselor at law which what a divorce lawyer should be, this is a very personal, emotional experience.” – Anita M

    “I needed a divorce and there was a lot at stake, significant assets and 2 kids. The divorce was not going to be friendly. There was a lot of hostility between and my now ex-wife. Paul Rudder did everything to avoid heavy litigation, tried to settle and negotiate as much as he could. Eventually we did go to court and this man knows how to try a case. I was very satisfied with the outcome.” – Bill A.

    “I was about to get married and needed a pre-nuptial agreement. I was recommended Paul Rudder by a friend who used him for his. This is a very difficult and sensitive matter and he really helped me understand and identify my rights, goals as well a fairness to my soon to be wife.” Alex F.

    “Paul is amazing!!! He is extremely intelligent, level-headed, supportive and reasonable. Anyone is lucky to have him on his side.” Sam B.

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