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  • High Net Worth Divorces

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    Paul Rudder has experience and skills to provide legal services to all his clients. He has significant experience handling high net worth cases, both in preparing pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements as well as negotiating settlements in divorce proceedings. His expertise, sensitivity and understanding of complex financial matters establishes him as attorney of choice. His experience in property valuation and asset division assures you of the highest quality legal representation in these areas.

    Cases which involve distribution or division of numerous and substantial assets require special skills and expertise to ensure proper valuation and accounting. These issues may also arise in challenging prenuptial agreements. Other concerns to consider in a High Net Worth Divorce, include professional practice valuation, business and partnership assets, debts, investments, stock options, retirement funds, deferred compensation and tax obligations.

    Paul Rudder offers unique services to his clients:

    • Every case selected is handled from beginning to end solely by Mr. Rudder
    • He is available to his clients during their times of crisis
    • He is very clear and thorough in his explanations of law and all options as well as potential outcomes
    • He is creative and unique in his approach to difficult or complex situations
    • He is an excellent litigator and gets results for his clients in the courtroom
    • He understands assets and property valuations and can provide expert legal counsel in these areas as well as other issues in high net worth divorces
    • He understands the financial and emotional toll a divorce has on his clients and he is sensitive and supportive to their needs.

    Paul Rudder’s particular expertise in the area of child custody and his success in negotiating resolutions between contentious parties while serving the best interest of the child has resulted in his unique understanding of the various dynamics between parents in conflict as it affects the welfare of children. Mr. Rudder has been selected, upon the request of his peers, and upon appointment by judges, to represent children in high conflict custodial cases as the Court Appointed Child attorney.