The ultimate motivation behind proving you are the “better parent” to the court is tied to the desire to have majority, if not sole, custody of your child. After all, if you are able to prove that you are the better parent, how could the court not award you full physical and legal custody? 

While the idea of being the “better parent” is in line with an inherent comparison to the child’s other parent, it is important not to go so far out of your way to make the other parent look or seem unfit. The truth will speak for itself, and if you are the better parent, the court will recognize that soon enough after a few supervised interactions. The physical and psychological well-being of the kids is the most prudent thing to prove in order to even have a chance at some sort of custody. 

In proving that by being with you, the children are in the best position for their physical well-being, the court is often inclined to heavily factor that into their final decision. The last thing the court wants to do is drastically change the child’s life, as that has been found to be detrimental to their development. In their opinion, the best-case scenario would involve the least amount of physical transformations (location, school, etc).

Parenting styles and living accommodations can play a key role in showing the court that you are the “better parent”. In this scenario, being the better parent requires that your residence is fit to house a child and that you clearly demonstrate a form of parenting that is responsible, fostering, and loving, The way to prove you are a fit parent is by following the court’s orders regarding parenting agreements and visitation schedules. Adhering to these are indicative of a parent fit have custody of their child, and moreover, showing that you are willing to work with the other parent to keep the family intact, as possible as it may be, is the true sign of being a fit parent. The goal isn’t to show that you are better than the other, but to show that you are good enough to have custody and visitation with your kids.