You’ve decided it’s time for a divorce; you drafted the papers; hopefully, your spouse has signed them, and it’s time to start looking for representation.

There are plenty of divorce attorneys in the NYC area, but to find the one that best fits your needs, both financially and in court, can be daunting. But you should have a thorough vetting process, which means you should be meeting with quite a few lawyers, and when you do go in for the initial consultation, there are a few things you need to prepare and should bring with you.

A list of possible questions regarding your divorce would be a good thing to have, not just to save time, but so that your prospective divorce lawyer knows what direction this divorce might take.

The questions should not only include things that might pertain to your divorce but also regarding their experience, how much money and time it will take.

If you have any other legal documents, like prenups, birth certificates (especially for children if there are any), or any separation agreements that might already be in place, you should bring them along as well. These will also help your attorney get an idea of what the divorce might be like.

Lastly, anything you have against your spouse (no not sentiments, but evidence), showing them misbehaving in a way that could shine a bad light on them in court would be smart to bring as well. Incriminating videos and photos, and nowadays, social media posts can really help build a nasty case against your spouse. However, these pieces of evidence will not make much of a difference if it is a no-fault divorce.