Some of us know someone who in some way either has been affected by divorced or getting divorced but either way, they have a story to tell.

The problem about their stories is that we accept them on face value, and then from that, we make assumptions. And these start to circle around until we have inaccurate summations, otherwise known as “myths.”

Here are 3 most common (yet still untrue) divorce myths:

Divorce is relatively inexpensive. False… so terribly false. Unfortunately, getting divorced can be extremely expensive, especially as issues and disagreements mount higher and higher. Motions and depositions conducted by attorneys all cost money – in fact, anything a lawyer does for you will be billed.

You and your spouse can still have a friendship post-divorce. As sad is it is to say, it is pretty rare that you and your former spouse will get along to a point where you can have and maintain a friendship. That is the result of battling in court over expenses and possibly family.

Your lifestyle won’t change after divorce. Unless your settlement includes a very lucrative spousal support order, chances are you are on your own to start providing for yourself, and whether you have to start your career or are in the midst of one post-divorce, one salary is not going to allow you the financial freedoms that two salaries did.

Don’t believe everything you hear and read from friends or written experiences of divorcees, because personal feelings often cloud the memory. Trust and rely on legal counsel to give you the facts about divorce and the law.