The divorce process can be, and often is, an emotionally draining one, not to mention how stressful and tiresome it is. Because of this, spouses are regularly urged to retain a lawyer to represent them in a divorce.

It isn’t that the lawyer now makes divorce less stressful, or less time-consuming; the lawyer is not emotionally and psychologically impacted like you are.

When representing yourself, your actions and decisions, through no fault of your own, will be influenced by your mental state, which in all likelihood isn’t the best one.

You can trust that your attorney will represent you not only with a clear mind but with your best intentions as their primary concern.

A divorce lawyer can act on your behalf with a rational and detached mental process, plus, they are more familiar with the law and can work the case to benefit you.

Divorce isn’t just about ending the marriage; there are other elements like the division of assets and estate, child custody and payments.

There is a reason that one needs to go through law school and pass the B.A.R. exam to practice law. There are a lot of laws to learn and rules that must be abided by, and your lawyer knows better than you on both subjects, if you don’t have a law degree yourself that is.

If you trust your attorney and reveal details about your spouse, the marriage, and any assets, your attorney now has the information to best represent you.

The less information you give them, and the less they have to work with, the harder it will be for them to present your case in a way that you can win. All information you share is confidential, and files are eventually shredded and properly disposed of.

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