It is a common belief that even if a marriage is falling apart, or is already in shambles, it is better to just deal with the situation and keep the family intact instead of separating and getting divorced. Now, besides the fact that it can be more financially sound to stay married, there is no reason to stay miserable with someone who you no longer want to be with. Divorce can be expensive, but the toll you pay, emotionally and mentally, far outweighs the bill.

If there are kids involved, some may think it’s in their best interest to stay married and keep the household intact. After all, many studies suggest that children do much better with two parents under the same roof. But that study has to do with single parents being left by the other, not two spouses that have been together and raised the child and who are now yelling and screaming at each other before their eyes. Sometimes, it is a better option for a married couple to separate and be individually happy because from there, each of them can become a better parent.

For instance, although the child will have two homes after the divorce, at least they aren’t coming home to witness the fighting, screaming and yelling. The children can just be kids, and can engage with you in a more carefree environment as opposed to trying to traverse the emotional minefield that is the result of a bad marriage.

Happier and more engaged parents, even if they are separated, will have a much more positive effect than a wrecked nuclear family. The children can learn a lot from a productive divorce as well. It shows that personal happiness and sometimes compromising has supreme benefits and that it is very important.