My Ex-Spouse Has Broken Court Orders Twice. How Will Breaching Child Custody Agreement Affect Him?

One of the most difficult parts of divorce settlements is certainly agreeing on custody and visitation arrangements when there are children involved. And even when an agreement is already made, time and time again, parents fail to uphold their end of the bargain. Whether it may be one parent preventing the other from visiting and seeing the kids or another parent failing to show up on time or spend time with their children, a breach of any contract can and should be dealt with by the court.

Depending on the particular case, as well as the nature of the breach, a court has the power to order community service, issue a fine, or in more severe and repeated cases, sentence one of the spouses to time in prison. However, if the parent who is found to have breached the contract also happens to be the child’s primary guardian, jail sentencing is very rare.

If you believe your former spouse is repeatedly and intentionally breaching agreements, orders and contracts, don’t hesitate to bring it to the court’s attention. These orders were not meant to be broken and are in place for a reason. To ensure both your well-being and of your children, talk to a child custody attorney about having mandated rules issued by the court.