1. The “fire” in the relationship goes out. For whatever reason, it is common that the intimacy in the relationship becomes strained, and over time it seems to disappear. Although a healthy sex life with your spouse doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage, it still significant since it provides security for both partners, and without it, stress and resentment can build. When the intimacy in a marriage expires, spouses grow apart and things like infidelity and separation are almost a certainty. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person; it is just simple human nature. Men need a good sex life with their partners to feel romantic, and at the same time, women also need a certain amount of romance in order to want sex and feel, well, sexy.
  1. Financial problems and differences. Although financial problems can put serious stress on the relationship, it isn’t the only issue that can be a catalyst for divorce. If you and your spouse are very different with regard to spending and saving, it can easily start a fight, and with enough time and fuel added to the fire, one starts filing for a divorce. Because of how important financial stability is in this world, it makes a lot of sense that when spouses don’t see eye-to-eye, it can tear relationships apart, regardless of how shallow it may seem.
  1. Inability to resolve conflicts. It is an unrealistic expectation to think that you and your spouse will never fight or have disagreements. They are a part of any relationship, but what is vital to the success of a relationship is the ability to deal with any issues in a positive, constructive manner. What makes a married couple different from a regular, friendly relationship, is that there are feelings involved, and that causes the resentments to become emotionally charged, complicating the entire situation. Being able to successfully resolve conflicts in the marriage is a big step in guaranteeing a long, happy marriage.