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  • Does It Help Me If My Spouse Is Having An Affair?

    In and of itself, spousal affair does not affect the course of divorce process. It provides another “fault” ground for securing a divorce but it does not present the “innocent” spouse with any legal advantage in terms of finances or related matters.

    However, if in context of carrying on the extramarital affair that spouse frivolously spends a lot of money and thereby dissipates marital assets he she can be held accountable for those funds. That being sad, divorce by its nature is an expression of personal failure and a loss of dreams and common goals. Add to the mix, hurt feelings and a sense of betrayal and you now have a potentially explosive situation which can exacerbate the conflict between the parties and substantially increase the emotional and financial costs to dissolve the marriage.

    If the discord caused by marital infidelity is not hurtful enough, an all too common blunder, adding fuel to the fire is for the party to the divorce proceeding introducing a child of the marriage to the “new” person in that parent’s life. Such action typically show poor judgment on the part of that parent and is so inappropriate, that it may lead to a parent being restrained and/or restricted in access and contact with the child. Such ill-conceive conduct/actions usually have deleterious effects upon the child, the parents and on the long and short term effects in the course of the divorce.