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  • 3 Ways A Pre-Nuptial Agreement Can Benefit Your Marriage

    “We love one another, why are you asking me to sign this?”

    So viewed, Pre-nuptial Agreements can be damaging to a pending marriage. Usually, demand rejects the recognition of the disparate wealth together with the possibility of divorce at a time of joyous anticipation. In the beginning, no one wants to consider “the end” especially just before getting married.

    It interposes conflict between families. There is a sense of possible and potential opportunistic motives. Where has “love” gone? However, there are some legitimate reasons to enter into a Pre-nup.

    First, divorces do occur. And in case of divorce there is now less dispute and therefore, less cost in negotiating property and assets. You know and agree from day one. It is pre determined how property is to be distributed and all things except for child custody and support are clearly stated and documented.

    Secondly, Agreement protects one or both parties’ assets, which if family controlled, in the absence of the agreement in some cases, could block the marriage. THE family of the moneyed spouse may avoid and a delay marriage to protect assets IN ORDER TO feel secure and protected from the possible “greed” of the interloper.

    Third, at times a party enters marriage with prior substantial debts. The agreement may protect the marital estate from aggressive debt collection by rejecting that PARTY’S debt.

    To Pre-nup or Not? That is the question. Drafting a Pre-Nuptial Agreement is an important decision and needs to be carefully considered and negotiated. Talk to your loved one and consider speaking with an attorney.