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Prior to October 2010 (the effective date of New York's "no fault divorce" law) parties who wished to dissolve their marital relationship while minimizing both the emotional and economic stress of Court proceedings could and negotiate the terms of a contract fully resolving the various issues incidental to a divorce, including but not limited to custody and visitation of children, financial support for a spouse and children, division and distribution of all things of value acquired by the parties, or either of them, during the period of the marriage. Once the document was completed and properly signed by each of them the parties could live separate and apart; and so long as the key terms and provisions were abided by, one year from the date of the execution of the Agreement, either party could commence an action for divorce solely upon the ground of the parties having lived separate and apart and this was then New York's version of a "no-fault" divorce. The signed Agreement was/is referred to as a "Separation Agreement." The subsequent divorce decree would incorporate the provisions of the Agreement into the Judgment of Divorce (absent a specific finding that the terms were grossly unfair).

Upon the advent of "no-fault grounds" for divorce the Separation Agreement has lost much of its impact except for those, who for moral, religious or other reasons are opposed to divorce but accept the proposition that continuing to live and reside "together" is neither appropriate nor beneficial. So, while these parties may remain legally married, they qualify and quantify the terms, conditions and mutual obligations by which they intend to self-govern their on-going relationship. These parties may then negotiate and choose to live apart as husband and wife pursuant to the terms of their written agreement. This agreement, too, is a Separation Agreement. A binding contract if fairly negotiated and properly executed.

Just because the case is not "in Court" does not necessarily mean the matter will not be "settled". Efforts to settle are on-going up to the time of the trial. Most cases are in fact settled and the terms reduced to a lengthy written agreements which shall be enforced as a binding contract between the parties.

In the absence of any written and signed Agreement the matter, in due course, will be placed on the Judge's trial calendar and upon completion of the trial (a very expensive process) the Court will issue a decision determining the issues of child custody, all support matters and the distribution and division of all marital property.

It cannot be stressed enough, that absent issues of domestic violence, strenuously contested legal battles between parties with children have multiple deleterious effects upon those children.

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  • "I came to see Mr. Rudder at the suggestion of my accountant. I got served with divorce papers and did not know who to turn to. From the moment I stepped into his office, I felt like someone had my back and I was going to be OK. He is not just a lawyer, he is a counselor at law which what a divorce lawyer should be, this is a very personal, emotional experience."

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  • "I needed a divorce and there was a lot at stake, significant assets and 2 kids. The divorce was not going to be friendly. There was a lot of hostility between and my now ex-wife. Paul Rudder did everything to avoid heavy litigation, tried to settle and negotiate as much as he could. Eventually we did go to court and this man knows how to try a case. I was very satisfied with the outcome."

    Bill A.

  • "I was about to get married and needed a pre-nuptial agreement. I was recommended Paul Rudder by a friend who used him for his. This is a very difficult and sensitive matter and he really helped me understand and identify my rights, goals as well a fairness to my soon to be wife."

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